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cnt1.gifWelcome to Publicity Assistant 2000
cnt1.gifHigh Level Overview
cnt1.gifMain Media Contact Database
cnt1.gifPulling/Importing Names
cnt0.gifCustomizing Your Publicity Assistant 2000
cnt1.gifSetting System Defaults
cnt1.gifOptions Menu
cnt1.gifChanging Window Settings
cnt0.gifGetting Started
cnt1.gifStart Working Right Away
cnt1.gifShortcuts Menu
cnt1.gifWindow Menu
cnt1.gifPrint Toolbar
cnt0.gifCommon Tasks
cnt1.gifSearching the Main Media Database
cnt1.gifAdding a Contact
cnt1.gifLocating Your Project
cnt1.gifOpening Projects
cnt0.gifThe Main Media Contact Database
cnt1.gifMain Media Data Overview
cnt1.gifSearching the Main Media Database
cnt1.gifQuick Search
cnt1.gifAdding a Contact
cnt1.gifModifying a Contact
cnt1.gifDuplicating Contacts
cnt1.gifStandard Addresses
cnt1.gifCreating Labels/Mailing Lists
cnt1.gifSending Records to Projects
cnt0.gifReview Lists
cnt1.gifWhat is a Review List?
cnt1.gifCreating a Review List
cnt1.gifLocating Your Project
cnt1.gifOpening an Existing Review List
cnt1.gifAdding Contacts to Review Lists
cnt1.gifAdding a Single Reviewer
cnt1.gifAdding a Group of Reviewers
cnt1.gifAdding a One-Time Reviewer
cnt1.gifDuplicate Checking Projects
cnt1.gifSynchronizing Projects with the Main Data
cnt0.gifUsing Your Review Lists
cnt1.gifReview List Printouts
cnt1.gifCreating Labels/Mailing Lists
cnt1.gifSelection Codes
cnt1.gifGenerating Mail Merge Letters
cnt1.gifResults Tracking
cnt1.gifResults Tracking Printouts
cnt1.gifCatalog Checklists
cnt1.gifUsing Catalog Checklists
cnt1.gifImporting Data into a Project List
cnt1.gifExporting Data
cnt0.gifPromotional Tours
cnt1.gifWhat is a Promotional Tour
cnt1.gifCreating a New Promotional Tour
cnt1.gifAdding Contacts to Promotional Tours
cnt1.gifAdding a Single Contact
cnt1.gifAdding a Group of Contacts to a Tour
cnt1.gifAdding a One-Time Contact to a Tour
cnt1.gifSearching for Contacts in a Project List
cnt0.gifUsing Your Promotional Tours
cnt1.gifCall Sheets
cnt1.gifShort Form Call Sheets
cnt1.gifEntering and Modifying Bookings
cnt1.gifTravel Days
cnt1.gifViewing Your Bookings
cnt1.gifEditing your Itinerary
cnt1.gifTimed Notes
cnt1.gifPrinting Your Itineraries
cnt1.gifGenerating Confirmation Letters
cnt1.gifPublicity Reports - Departmental
cnt1.gifPublicity Reports-Quick Report
cnt0.gifSpecial Projects
cnt1.gifOverview of Special Projects
cnt1.gifInvitation Lists
cnt1.gifTools Overview
cnt1.gifMaintain Codes
cnt1.gifDuplicate Checking
cnt1.gifAnalyzing Data
cnt0.gifAdvanced Features
cnt1.gifDesigning Mailmerge Letters
cnt1.gifSharing Mailmerge Letters
cnt1.gifMaking a copy of an Existing Project
cnt1.gifMoving Names Between Lists
cnt1.gifImporting Data from Bacons
cnt1.gifCleaning Up Projects
cnt1.gifCategory Codes
cnt1.gifMarket Codes
cnt1.gifRe-Indexing the Main Data
cnt1.gifXREF: Highlighting Contacts in Main Media
cnt1.gifTitle Standardization
cnt1.gifOrganizational Record
cnt1.gifOrganizational Reports
cnt0.gifCookbooks - Step by Step Instructions to Common PA2000 Tasks
cnt1.gifMoving a Group of Contacts between Lists
cnt1.gifPrinting Labels
cnt1.gifAdding Print Reviews to Publicity Reports
cnt1.gifQuick Report
cnt1.gifCoping, Cutting and Pasting
cnt1.gifupdating contacts
cnt0.gifWhat's New in Publicity Assistant 2000
cnt1.gifAdding a New Category Code to Publicity Assistant 2000
cnt1.gifAdding Category Codes to Multiple Contacts
cnt1.gifAuto-Update from Main
cnt1.gifBlast E-Mail
cnt1.gifCategorizing Projects
cnt1.gifCC: to Clip
cnt1.gifConsolidated Mailings
cnt1.gifDuplicating Records within a Project List
cnt1.gifEmailing Mail Merge Letters
cnt1.gifProject Search
cnt1.gifQuick Confirmation Letters
cnt1.gifReverse Send
cnt1.gifUsing Formatted MS-Outlook Emailmerge
cnt1.gifUsing your Native e-mail