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In Publicity Assistant 2000, the term project is just that – a project on which you are working. Each individual project contains a list of contacts that have been specifically selected for that project. Suppose, for example, you are managing the publicity efforts for a dozen books. Each one of those would be considered a separate project, both in the real world, and in Publicity Assistant.

In Publicity Assistant 2000, there are 3 main types of projects: Review Lists, Promotional Tours and Special Projects. Below are overviews of each type of project.

Review Lists

Your review lists are used to manage the publicity of your books. Review lists are used to compile a list of contacts to which books, press releases, bound galleys, or any other information is sent. Review Lists will generate labels, mail merge letters, and reports.

From review lists, you can easily create mailing lists for sending out any combination of books, bound galleys, or press releases. Once you’ve created your Review List, you can track which contacts requested the books, which were recommended by the author or other sources, and which you selected through the main media database. Finally, you can track the success of each contact (i.e. the quality of their review), and store that information for future referral by using the Results Tracking feature. If you find one contact is consistently giving negative reviews, for example, you can easily choose to eliminate that contact from future publicity efforts. To access the Review List feature of Publicity Assistant 2000, simply click on the Review List in the main screen. The figure below shows the appearance of the Review List area.


For more information on creating Review Lists, see the section titled Review Lists, or go to the topic Creating a Review List.

Promotional Tours

An important element of the publicity mix is the author tour. Publicity Assistant 2000 provides an extremely effective tool for organizing and coordinating author tours. Again, using information from your Main Media Data, Publicity Assistant 2000 allows you to easily plan promotional tours for your authors. With the press of a button, an easy to follow itinerary is created. The figure below shows the Itinerary Tab of the Promotional Tour window.


One great feature of Publicity Assistant 2000 is the ability to mine your main media database. By taking advantage of the versatile search capabilities, the database helps you find the most effective contacts for coordinating author appearances. For a detailed overview of using the Promotional Tours feature of Publicity Assistant, see the section titled Promotional Tours, or go to Creating a New Promotional Tour.

Special Projects

The special project area of Publicity Assistant 2000 allows you to manage publicity activities not covered under review lists or promotional tours. For example, you may wish to generate an invitation list for a publicity event. Special Projects provides a convenient way to do this.

The section titled Special Projects explains in greater detail how this feature will help you in your publicity efforts. For more information, go to Overview of Special Projects.