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Results Tracking Printouts

Results Tracking Printouts

Publicity Assistant provides three standard printouts to view reviews which have been tracked using the Publicity Assistant 2000 Results Tracking System:

  • Reviews by Title – Prints a list of reviews, sorted by project (i.e. Review List) titles

  • Reviews by Reviewer – Prints a list of reviews sorted by reviewer

  • Circulation List – Prints a list of recently reviewed books for circulation within your organization. Specifically, those contacts with no circulation date and with the circulation box checked. Once this report has been generated it places a date in the Circulation date field. This list is sorted by title.

To generate any of the above printouts, press the Output button in the Publicity Assistant 2000 toolbar. Select the Reviews tab. Towards the bottom, you will see an option titled “Results Tracking”. Click this once. The 3 selections mentioned above will now appear. Double-click on your selection.

The Reviews by Title and Reviews by Reviewer and Circulation reports are straightforward reports that simply sort reviews by title or reviewer. When you double click on either of these selections, a print preview screen will appear. Using the print toolbar, you may page through the report, print it out, or close it.