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Creating a Review List

Creating a Review List

To create a new review list, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Review List tab in the Publicity Assistant 2000 Main Screen.


  1. Press the ADD button on the toolbar. (Alternatively, you may type control-A.)


  1. After pressing the ADD button, you will be prompted to enter a name for your project. Enter a name and type enter. The Review List window will open. When you close the window, you will see the name of your new project added to the list of projects and highlighted in yellow. For the figure below, a new review list called “New Review List” was created:


  1. To begin working with your list, you must open it. To do this, click once on your list and press the Edit button in the toolbar. Alternatively, you may either: double click on it; drag it to the background screen; right-click on it and select OPEN from the popup menu; press the enter key; or type Control-E. A new project window will appear:


  1. In the Project Window, the Notes tab will be selected. The created and Publicist fields will be automatically populated with your information. You may enter any information you wish in the Author, Title, Pub date, Price, and Notes fields. Alternatively, you may choose to leave some or all of these fields blank.

You are now ready to add contacts to your Review List. For detailed instruction on adding contacts to review lists, see Adding Contacts to Review Lists.

To save and close your project, type control-end, or press the close button in the top right corner of the window (the “X” button). Your project automatically saves each time you close it. You may also save your project at any time by pressing the Save button in the toolbar. This button turns green when the save option becomes available.


If you just want to create a list without working on it (i.e. adding contacts), you can enter high level information on the Review List page without opening your project. Simply click once on your project, and type the information in the fields on the right. This information will appear in the Notes tab of your list. You can add or modify notes for any project using this technique. Simply click once on the project, and edit the information to the right.