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Generating Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letters

Publicity Assistant 2000 allows you to automatically generate confirmation letters to confirm your author tour bookings. With the press of a button, you can generate letters customized with each contact’s individual information, as well as information based on the tour. This letter can then be printed or sent as an e-mail. A confirmation letter is a mail merge document. This means that your system will automatically generate a series of letters addressed to each contact with whom you have arranged a booking. Each letter will contain information specific to that contact (i.e. address, booking information, etc.). So, it is important that all the information contained in these fields is type correctly.

During the installation of your Publicity Assistant 2000 system, each publicist was set up with a group of pre-set confirmation letters. These letters are customizable to each publicist’s needs. (These letters can also be created, saved and shared with other members of your department. For more information, see sharing Mail merge letters.)

To generate a confirmation letter, select the desired Promotional Tour. Next, press the Output button in the Toolbar, which opens the Output Options window. Click on the Confirmation Letter option, since Confirmation Letters are mail merge documents, two windows will appear side by side, with Word on the left and Publicity Assistant 2000 on the right.

Confirmation Letters are used to confirm your bookings so the letters that appear will correspond to the bookings you have made for this tour. You may use the arrow keys to cycle through the letters. Notice that details about the contacts change as you move between letters. The dates and times change within the body of the letter and correspond to the individual booking but the format of the letter remains same as you page through.

Before printing a letter, you may manually alter the letter. Keep in mind, however, that as soon as you alter the first letter these changes will appear in all your confirmation letters. You may wish to individualize each letter, to do this, select the “doc” tab located in the Publicity Assistant Mail Merge window. (See figure below) This creates one long document, with each letter on a separate page. You may individualize your letters. To print select whether you want to print all, this one only, or the rest and select the “print” tab. Your letters will be printed.

To e-mail your letters, simply select whether you want to e-mail all, this one only, or the rest and select the “e-mail” tab. You will notice, in red, the e-mail addresses scrolling by. When PA2000 is finished e-mailing you will receive a tally of how many e-mails have been sent. A copy of the sent e-mails will also be place in your sent mailbox of your native e-mail system.


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