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Main Media Contact Database

Main Media Contact Database

The Main Media Data area of Publicity Assistant is used to store information about all of your media contacts. This powerful database stores and organizes information about media contacts such as the contact name, callsign or publication, addresses, phone/fax and email information, and notes. The database also stores codes which represent the specific market each contact represents, the type of media they work with, as well as customizable category codes. These category codes generally represent the contact's major areas of interest, or the subjects or industries the contact covers, such as consumer, business, entertainment, etc. They can be used to group your contacts however you like, allowing you complete control over your data.

The following diagram provides an overview of the Main Media Data:


Your data from the main media database is the heart of all your publicity activities. As such, it plays a key role in all of the other functionality of Publicity Assistant 2000. All the features of main media database and how it is used are outlined in detail in the help section titled: The Main Media Contact Database.

To continue with the overview of Publicity Assistant 2000, see the Projects section.

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