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The Toolbar contains buttons for those functions you use most frequently. It is almost always available, and most importantly it is context sensitive - as you change the area of Publicity Assistant you are in, the functionality of the Toolbar automatically changes with you. For example, the basic activities of adding, editing, searching, etc. become relevant to whatever you are working on at the moment. If you are in the Main Media Data screen, the Add button allows you to add a new contact. If you are in the Review List screen, the Add button allows you to add (i.e. create) a new review list project.

At any time, the options available to you will be highlighted in blue. In some cases, they may be highlighted in other colors. Also, in certain circumstances, the buttons change such as during outputs of projects. Below is an overview of each button as it appears on the main toolbar:

  • Add: Press this button to add contacts to projects and to the Main Media Data. It also lets you create new projects when you have selected the Review List, Promotional Tours, or Special Projects tab.

  • Edit: This button allows you to edit contacts in projects and in the Main Media Data. It can also be used to open existing projects.

  • Search: Pressing this button in the Main Media Data prompts you to search through your contacts. If you select a project area (i.e. Review Lists), it will prompt you to search for a project. If selected while in a project, it will allow you to search the contacts in your project. When a search on the Main Media Data has been performed, the Search Button will become red, indicating that you are viewing the results of a search. To clear your search and view all the records, press the Search Button again. It then returns to blue, indicating that you are viewing all records.

  • Select: Allows you to select contacts in the Main Media Data, or in a project. These contacts can be selected for printouts, or for transfer to other lists.

  • Send: Sends selected contacts to an open project or opens the send box allowing you to send one contact to multiple projects.

  • Sort: Allows you to sort the Main Media Data by market order, callsign, show name, last name or order of entry making it easier to find data, you may also sort contacts in a project. Sorting the Main Media Data activates the Quick Search feature allowing you to search the Main Media Data by the field being sorted.

  • Delete: Allows you to delete items in whatever area is active. In the Main Media Data and in a project, it deletes whatever contact you have selected. In a project area (i.e. the list of Review Lists), it deletes whichever project is selected. After pressing the delete button, a pop up window will appear giving you the option to delete or not.

  • Output: This button activates all output. This includes printing, creating mailing labels, faxing, e-mailing, reports, and mail merge letters.

  • Save: As the name suggests – it allows you to save things. Your work is automatically saved by typing control-end or by closing a window.

  • Undo: Allows you to undo recent changes. For example, if while editing a contact you realize you have made a mistake, pressing undo before closing the window. Also, when adding contacts to projects, the UNDO button allows you to remove all additions since your last save (or since the last time you closed the project).

  • Close: Closes all windows except the Publicity Assistant 2000 main screen, which it brings forward and opens.

  • Exit: Allows you to exit the program.

  • Quick Search: Quickly searches the Main Media Data for the text entered within the Quick Search box. Quick Search searches either by Market, Callsign, Show Name or Last Name depending on how the Main Media Data is sorted. The Main Media Data is sorted by Market by default. To search for a last name, sort the Main Media Data by Last Name (by clicking in the column header of Last Name), and then type your search into the Quick Search box. Publicity Assistant searches as you type.