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Window Menu

Window Menu


The window menu allows you to manage the display of windows on your screen. This becomes especially useful when you are working with a number of projects or contacts simultaneously. Each project or contact is opened in a separate window.

The two main commands of the Window menu are the Hide and Cycle commands. Hide, as the name suggests, hides the current window, letting you see what is underneath it. Cycle allows you to cycle through all the windows open, in the order in which they were opened. A nice keyboard shortcut for the Cycle command is Ctrl+F1.

At the bottom of the Window menu is a list of all the available windows. You can go directly to any window by selecting it in the menu. A check mark indicates that the corresponding window is the currently active window.

If you hide a window, it will still appear in the available window list. To re-activate a hidden window, simply select it from the list.