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Catalog Checklists

Creating Catalog Checklists

Catalog Checklists are a way to manage book requests that come in via your catalog mailings. Using the process described below, you first create the checklist. Then, as reviewer requests come in, you can use the checklist to quickly add reviewers to multiple projects with a simple click of the mouse.

This topic covers the creation of catalog checklists. Once your checklist is complete, you will want to view the topic Using Catalog Checklists

The first step in creating a Catalog Checklist is to create a review list for each book listed in your catalog or each book listed on your Catalog Checklist that you’ve sent to reviewers. Then follow the instructions below to create the catalog checklist.

Select the Tools tab on the Publicity Assistant 2000 main window.

  1. Press the Catalog Checklist button. A window will appear with all projects appearing on your catalog. If you have not yet used this feature, the checklist will be empty. If you have previously entered catalogs, that information will appear here. To delete old entries:

a) Click once on the entry you wish to remove. If you wish to delete the entire list, click on any entry.

b) Press the Delete button in the Toolbar.

c) A prompt will ask you whether you wish to delete the selected record, all the records, or none of the records. Double-click on your selection.

d) If you opted to delete the entire list, it will disappear.

  1. Move the Catalog Checklist window to an area so that your column of Review Lists will be visible. Select the Reviewer List Tab.

  2. Then find your project, and simply drag it onto the catalog checklist window. You do not have to drag it to an empty line. Drag it to any area in the Catalog Checklist list, and it will be added to the checklist.

NOTE: You may drag any type of project: Review Lists, Promotional Tours, and Special Projects. To drag a project, first select the tab in the Publicity Assistant 2000 main window where that project resides. If it is a Review List, you will check the Review List tab

  1. Once you have added your projects to the list, you may order them any way you like. We recommend that you order them as they are in the actual catalog. This will facilitate recording orders as they come in. To order your projects, simply drag them within the Catalog Checklist. They will appear directly below the entry over which you dropped them.

This creates an interesting dilemma: How do you move a project to the top spot in the list, if they appear directly below where you drop them? After all, you can’t drop a list above the top entry. To solve this, drop the entry you wish to have at the top of the list directly onto the top entry. Next, drag the top entry directly onto the entry you just dragged – it will now be the second entry.

You are now ready to begin using your Catalog Checklist. As reviewer requests come in via the catalog, you can quickly an easily indicate the books they wish to receive, and their names will automatically be added to the appropriate projects. This is covered under the Using Catalog Checklists topics.

For more information, see:

Using Catalog Checklists

Creating a Review List