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Adding a Group of Reviewers

Adding a Group of Reviewers

Adding a Group of Names from the Main Media Data to Review Lists

Pulling a group of names from the Main Media Data to a Review List is very similar to pulling a single name. The only difference is that you must first select the group of names you wish to pull. The following simple steps will walk you through this process:

  1. Select the Main Media Data tab in the main window.


  1. Press the Search button on the toolbar. The Search Engine window appears.


  1. Enter your search criteria. See Searching the Main Media Data for details.

  2. Press the SEARCH button in the Search Engine window.


  1. The results of your search will now appear in the Main Media Data section of the main window. Notice that the search button in the toolbar is highlighted in red. This indicates that you are viewing the results of a search, not the entire database. Note: To clear your search, simply press the search button once. The red will disappear, and the information displayed under Main Media Data will be your entire list of media contacts.

At this point, you have two options. You may either import the results of your search into your project, or you may select individual contacts from your search results (the number of contacts will be displayed in the bottom left hand corner). To import the entire results of your search, skip to step 6.

To select individual contacts from your search results, do the following:


NOTE: You can also open individual contact records and click on the check box in the upper left corner to select/deselect contacts. See graphic below.


  1. To add the results of your search to your Review List, you may either press the Send key in the toolbar, or drag the results to your project. To drag the entire set of results (or the selected contacts), position your cursor in the column header bar of the Main Media Data window: Drag this bar to your project. All the names selected will be added to your project.



For ease of use, you may wish to arrange your windows in a way that facilitates dragging names directly into your project. Should you desire to use this technique, you should arrange your windows so that your project is visible behind the main window. Alternatively, you may choose to minimize your project window, which will create a window bar at the bottom of Publicity Assistant 2000 on to which you can drop contacts. You may have many project windows open if you wish.

For more information on Review Lists, see:

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