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Quick Confirmation Letters

Quick Confirmation Letters

This feature allows you to print a confirmation letter for each individual booking from the contact record with in a Promotional Tour project list. The information contained in this booking will be filled into a pre-designed form. There is a media confirmation form and a bookstore confirmation form. To use feature open a contact record within a Promotional Tour project list that you have entered a booking. You will notice that the quick confirmation button has been added to the scheduling field. Select the quick confirmation button and the following window will appear.


Fill in the publicist name and phone number. Select either the media confirmation letter or the bookstore confirmation letter. You may send the form directly to the printer, you may send the form to MS word or you may e-mail this confirmation letter directly to this contact.

The standard form contains the name of the book and author, the date of the event, the address of the event, the time of the event, and a section for a note.