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Timed Notes

Timed Notes

Publicity Assistant 2000 allows you to enter notes directly on to the itinerary page. These notes have times attached to allow for their proper placement on the itinerary page. The first note of the day always has a time of 4:01AM. This is to insure that the note will appear on the page before the first booking. All the other notes are attached to the booking that is directly before the notes field. The time of the note will be one minute after the arrival time of the booking that is directly above. Timed notes allows you to give your notes a specific fixed position on the day. You may also float notes to the top or bottom of the page or use the right click method to delete the note.

To edit a Timed Note:

  1. Right click on the note you wish to move. The following window will appear, prompting you to choose from the following: “Reschedule”, “Float to top”, “Float to bottom”, or” delete”.


  1. To reschedule the note choose this option. The following window will appear:


  1. Change the time and Publicity Assistant 2000 will automatically place it on the page according to its new time.

  2. Choose “Float to top” “Float to bottom” or “delete” to move or remove the note.

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