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Project Search

Project Search

Over time, you may accumulate several projects. As this happens, it will become unwieldy to scroll through hundreds of projects to locate the one on which you wish to work. You may search for a project by selecting the tab in the main window where your project resides (i.e. Review Lists for review lists, etc.). Next, press the search button. The Project Search window will appear. The Project Search allows you to search for your project by utilizing the information located under the notes tab of your project. This information is also on the reference page located to the right of the project list. The information on the reference page corresponds to the highlighted project. For example, if you want to locate all the projects by a given publicist simple input his or her initials into the publicist field in the Project Search window and the projects created by that publicist will appear in alphabetical order in the project column.


Publicity Assistant 2000 also allows you to quickly scroll through any list of projects (promotional tours, market codes, category codes, etc.). Place your cursor on any project. Type any letter of the alphabet (or group of letters) on your keyboard and Publicity Assistant 2000 will quickly scroll to the first project that begins with that letter. For example, click on any project, then type the letter “t” and PA2000 will bring you to the first project that begins with the letter “t”.

NOTE: To locate a specific project by project name you must use the scrolling method.

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