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Each contact in your Main Media Database has three sets of codes: TYPE, MARKET and CATEGORY. For every contact a selection should be made in each one of these fields. CIRCULATION, RANK, HITS, WATTS are optional codes that can be added to the contact record and used as part of your search criteria.

  • Type: Enter the type of media (i.e. TV, Print, etc.) which this contact works with. Publicity Assistant will display a list of all media types available. Make your selection and the box will close automatically. Adding the TYPE of media will make the “callsign” field in your record dynamic. For example: when the contact is coded for “Print media” the “callsign” field will change to Publication. When the contact is coded for “Online services” the field will change to Site. Radio and Television will remain callsign but fields will appear at the bottom of the record in which you can add information about the show.


  • Markets: Enter the market that this contact represents. You will be prompted to select from a pre-defined list. When you have selected, type control-end or the close window box in the top right corner of the window. You can select multiple markets for a contact, designating one as the primary market. Contacts will sort by their primary market, but can be found by searching any of their markets.


  • Categories: Select the category or categories for this contact. Your organization will have established a set of pre-defined categories, such as sports, women’s issues, politics, etc. When you have selected, type control-end or the close window box in the top right corner of the window.


  • Circulation, Rank, Hits, Watts: Enter the circulation of print media, the market ranking of television media, the watts of radio media, and the online hits of online media. This information can then be used as criteria in searching for contacts in the Main Media Data. Enter the type of media first, and then type your circulation information directly into the box. This field is dynamic and corresponds with the type of media.

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