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Viewing Your Bookings

Viewing Your Bookings

To view your bookings for a Promotional Tour, first open your project. Selecting the Itinerary tab brings you to the area of your project that summarizes your bookings:


You may delete all the bookings from a day in the itinerary by selecting that day in the grid on the left, and pressing the Delete button on the Toolbar. To add a travel day, click once on the left grid and select the ADD button on the Publicity Assistant toolbar. A bank space will appear. Enter the date in the date field and TRAVEL in the market field. Publicity Assistant will automatically place the TRAVEL date chronologically on the schedule. To open your itinerary, click once on the date you wish to view and drag it to the Publicity Assistant desktop. You may open your itinerary starting with any date and simply use the previous and next buttons located on the Publicity Assistant toolbar to page through the schedule.

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