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Opening Projects

Opening Projects

To work on an existing project, select the tab in the main window representing the type of project. For example, if you wish to work on a promotional tour, select the Promotional Tour tab.

In the main window a list of all existing projects will appear. There are many ways to open a project, all of which achieve the same result. The most common way is to double-click on the project name. You may also open the project by dragging the project name onto the Publicity Assistant 2000 desktop (the light blue background screen); clicking once on the project and choosing Edit from the toolbar; right-clicking on the project and choosing OPEN from the popup menu; clicking once on the project and typing the enter key; or simply typing Control-E.

Each of the above methods will open the project window. You may then modify the project by adding contacts (e.g. reviewers), editing the project information, exporting data, etc.

Over time, you may accumulate several projects. As this happens, it will become unwieldy to use the arrow keys to scroll through hundreds of projects to locate the one on which you wish to work. Publicity Assistant 2000 also allows you to quickly scroll through any list of projects (promotional tours, market codes, category codes, etc.). Place your cursor on any project. Select any letter of the alphabet (or group of letters) on your keyboard and Publicity Assistant 2000 will quickly scroll to the first project that begins with that letter. For example, click on any project, then hit the letter “t” and PA2000 will bring you to the first project that begins with the letter “t”. You may also use the Project Search function to locate your project.

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