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Title Standardization

Title Standardization

Publicity Assistant 2000 now  allows you to store a list of standard job titles in the contact records in the Main Media Data. Then when editing or adding a new record to the Main Media Data, you will only have to type in the first letter or first few letters of the job title in the title field and PA2000 will finish the title for you.   You may also choose from the list of job titles by selecting the arrow to the right of the title field and making your selection.

To begin storing standard job titles, type a job title into the title field, for example, "Editor."  Then right-click in the title field.  You will be prompted to " add to list of standard job titles" or "remove from standard titles list."   Choose "add to list of standard job titles" and this title will be added to the list.  To view this list, select the arrow key to the right of the title field.  See figure below.


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