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Importing Data from Bacons

Importing Data from Bacons

Bringing data into Publicity Assistant from Bacon's involves two basic steps: exporting list from Bacon's and importing that into PA.

In Bacon's:

  1. Select the power search button located on the Bacon’s tool bar. The power search box will appear. Make your selections and select the build job button located on the Bacon’s tool bar.

  2. A window will appear with all the media contacts that meet your criteria. You will notice two columns on the top of this page, selected fields and available fields. Make your selection by using the right and left arrow keys to add or remove fields.

Hint: The easiest way to choose the proper fields is to first remove all the selected fields and then choose the fields in the order in which they will appear in Publicity Assistant. For example, first name, last name, title, callsign/media name, etc. This facilitates the import process.

  1. Next hit the update display button.

  2. Under the file pull down menu choose export, then export as displayed.

  3. You will be prompted to enter a name for you media list. Type in the name of your list plus the extension .csv. For example, the file name will read religion.csv.

  4. Select the browse button to specify where you want to save the file. Make your selection and save the file. The file name will be placed in the window with the extra extension .txt. For example the file name will read religion.csv.txt. Delete the .txt and save the file.

Importing into Publicity Assistant 2000:

The import feature in located on the tool’s page of each project. Press the import button. You will be prompted to choose a file to import. Find your file and press the select button. The following window will appear:


You will notice two columns. The Publicity Assistant fields are in the right-hand column and the imported file fields are in the left-hand column. To import this data, match the fields in the left-hand column (that is the fields you wish to import) with the Publicity Assistant fields in the right-hand column by dragging the buttons to the left up or down, so that first name is next to first name, last name is next to last name, etc. You will need to insert bank fields in order to align fields properly. To do this, drag a blank from the bottom of the column and place it next to a field that is not occupied. When you have all the fields aligned properly. Press the import button located at the top left corner and the contacts will be added to your project list. These imported contacts can be inserted into the Main Media Data by using the reverse send feature.

For more information, see:

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