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Results Tracking

Results Tracking

Publicity Assistant 2000 provides you with the capability to track reviews. For each reviewer to whom you have sent copies of books or galleys, you can store information about their review. This capability also allows you to easily create circulation lists that summarize these results. As you enter tracking data for each reviewer, that information is stored with that reviewer’s record for later analysis. You may then determine over time which reviewers historically provide positive reviews, which provide negative reviews, and which vary.

To enter the results of a review, open the project of the corresponding book. In the project window, select the Results Tracking tab. The following grid appears:


A list of all reviewers for whom results tracking information has been entered appears.

To add a new review to the results tracking page, press the Add button in the toolbar. A checklist of all the reviewers for your project will appear:


Click on the box to the left of each reviewer which has published a review, then close the window using the “X” button in the top right corner of the window, or by typing control-end. The reviewers which you have selected now appear in the Results Tracking window (above).

Enter reviewer results directly into the results tracking window. Specifically, you should enter the type of review (i.e. clip, interview, mention, long review or short review), and the quality of the review (i.e. positive, negative, or mixed). To enter this information, double-click in the desired field and a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to make a selection.

If you would like this information included in your Circulation Lists, be sure the Circulate box is checked. By default, when you add reviewers to Results Tracking this box is checked. To omit a review from the circulation list, uncheck this box by clicking in it. For more information on Circulation Lists, see Results Tracking Printouts.

The following diagram provides a description of the fields in the Results Tracking Window:


Results information entered for a particular reviewer is stored, and over time, a history of that contact’s reviews is built up. To display a contact’s review history, select that person in the Main Media Data. Open their record, and press the Tracking button (if no results have been recorded, the button will be inactive). The following window appears, providing a history of their reviews:


Notice that in the blue title bar at the top of the window, a success level is displayed. This represents the percent of positive reviews given by that contact.

For details on printing Results Tracking Data, see Results Tracking Printouts.