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Modifying a Contact

Modifying a Contact

To modify a contact, simply select the contact from the Main Media Data list. You can edit the contact information directly in the grid, or you can open the contact’s record. To do this, first ensure that the Main Media Data is the active window by clicking on its tab. Next, single-click on the contact you wish to modify. To simplify finding the contact, you may wish to sort by last name and use the Quick Search feature.

Once you’ve selected the contact, you may either edit the information directly, or press the Edit button in the toolbar to open the record. Alternatively, to open the record you may do one of the following:

  • double click on the contact,

  • drag it onto the Publicity Assistant desktop, or

  • Type control-end.

The contact’s full record will appear, allowing you to edit any piece of information.


After entering or modifying the contact’s information, we recommend that you click in the "Updated/By" fields in the top right corner of the edit screen. These fields track the user who made the most recent modification, and the date of that modification. When you click in the field, the information is automatically updated based on the date of your system, and your initials as set on the tools page "user settings". If you type different initials into the by field, the system will remember and reuse the new initials.

You should only update if you know that the information on the record is correct as of this day. It is not important to record the date you last fixed a typo, or made a minor annotation.