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Quick Report

Quick Report

Publicity Assistant 2000 provides two primary types of publicity reports for Promotional Tours – reports for individual tours and departmental reports. This topic covers publicity reports for individual promotional tours.

These reports display the bookings for a single Promotional Tour project. A line in the report, which includes the date, the city, the time, and the host, represents each booking.

Once you have entered bookings for an author tour, generating a report is simple.

  1. Open the Promotional Tour project.

  2. Select the Itinerary tab.

  3. Press the Quick report button towards the bottom right of the window. If you wish to send this report to Word, simple check the “send to word” box by clicking on it with your mouse.

A print preview of the report will appear. Use the print toolbar to page through the report, print the report, or close the report and return to your project.

For more information, see

Departmental Publicity Reports