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Review List Printouts

Review List Printouts

A Review List printout creates a printout of all the reviewers in a given Review List.

  • Review List – Generates a simple printout of each contact in your list and the name their company.

  • Full Info Review List – Generates a more detailed output of each contact in your review list, including address, phone, notes, etc.

  • Review list with phone/fax: Generates a printout of each contact in your list with their phone and fax numbers.

  • Review Circulation List: Generates a printout giving the name of the company and how many books they have received. This report can be individualized and sent as a memo to an agent or author.

To print a review list, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Review Lists tab in the Main Window.

  2. Select the project for which you would like to print a review list by clicking on it once. You do not need to open the project.

  3. Press the Output button on the Toolbar. The Output Options window will appear.


  1. Select the type of print out by double clicking on your choice or dragging your choice to the PA2000 desktop. A preview of the report will appear.

  2. Press the printer icon on the printer toolbar to send your list to the printer or close the preview by clicking the “X” in the right hand corner of the print tool bar.