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Public Relations Version

Publishing Version


  Quick Confirmation Letters allows you to print or e-mail a confirmation letter as soon as you confirm a booking.

  Blast- E-Mails

  Mail Merge letters can be printed, emailed or sent to MS Word.

 Cross-departmental reports review activities by project or by market.   This report can be generated in MS Word or Excel.

 Quick Reports review the activities of each individual campaign.  This report can be generated in MS word which allow you to easily e-mail the report to your client.


The Promotional Tour section of Publicity Assistant 2000 has a number of powerful features that will give the publicist all the tools they will need to efficiently run any campaign.  By creating one list, the publicist will be able to print labels, make call sheets, blast e-mails, generate mail merge and confirmation letters, create itineraries, and easily create and distribute departmental reports. 

Once a list is created, by adding media contacts from the Main Media Database, adding bookings and building an itinerary is as easy as entering the dates and times.  You add the date and time and Publicity Assistant 2000 formats the schedule for you. 

The figure below shows the itinerary section of Promotional Tours.  You can see at a glance your entire tour.  On the left is the date and city and on the right are the bookings for that day.  From this page you can print or generate in word a Quick Report, which is a synopsis of the publicity campaign. This report is an efficient way for publicist to keep clients and supervisors informed of their work.

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