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Publishing Version

Public Relations Version


Publicity Assistant 2000 links to the contact's website directly from the contact record using your native web browser.

E-mails can be sent directly from the contact record.

Each entry carries multiple addresses in order to accommodate home or summer variants and street and P.O. address.

Pop-up automated coding checklists eliminate typos in this crucial area.

Publicity Assistant 2000 allows for the storage of unlimited phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses and indicates primary phone numbers and those currently designated for use.


You can easily add, delete, and edit media contacts in the Main Media Database. Information about each media contact, including name, company, addresses, phone and fax numbers, email and website addresses, as well as notes, is stored in a window called the "contact record."  Once information about the contact is stored, it is easily retrieved by Publicity Assistant 2000's powerful and efficient Search Engines.

Publicity Assistant is equipped with four types of codes: media type (i.e. radio, TV, print or online), market codes, category codes and circulation. These codes facilitate the storage and retrieval of vital contacts. The Publicity Assistant 2000 staff can convert your current database system and place it into Publicity Assistant 2000. We can auto-code the markets according to zip code, set media type using key words and tailor category codes creating a smooth transition between old and new and enhancing your data at the same time.

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