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Publicity Assistant 2000 products

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From our flagship software, Publicity Assistant 2000 which maintains a complex database that integrates with e-mail software, Word and web browsers, to add-in systems that link with shipping software, Publicity Assistant 2000 offers  the technology and services that enable companies to share information via networks and the world wide web.

Need some help deciding which products are right for you and your business? Contact us to see how leading companies succeeded with Publicity Assistant 2000 products.


Publicity Assistant 2000--Publishing Version

Our flagship software designed exclusively for the publishing industry.

Publicity Assistant 2000--Public Relations Version

Our flagship software designed for use in Public Relations firms.

Publicity Assistant Vista Edition--The most advanced version of the most advance publicity relations software in the world!

Awards System

Keeping up with awards submissions can be an overwhelming and complicated task.  The Awards System organizes this process so that you will never miss another deadline.

Royalty Tracker -

Keeping track of royalties and commissions can be a nightmare. The Royalty Tracker System provides a comprehensive, straightforward tool for tracking royalties, maintaining contracts, allocating expenses, and printing royalty statements. Many other features will make this tool indispensable for anyone needing to get a handle on this frequently overwhelming process.