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Client List

Asterisk denotes Publicity Assistant 2000 -- otherwise previous versions

Amacom Books*          


Grove/Atlantic* (site designed by Peter Grand)

Basic Books*

Bertelsmann-BDD/Random House

Columbia University Press*

Congressional Quarterly



Dorling Kindersley*

Lisa Ekus Communications

Farrar, Straus & Giroux*

W.H. Freeman & Co.  

Globe Pequot Press*  

Goldberg-McDuffie Communications*

Golden Books*

GrolierInc.-Orchard Books

Guilford Press

Harcourt Publishers*

HarperCollins USA*


HarperCollins Canada*

Harvard University Press

Henry Holt & Co*.

John Hopkins University Press

Krupp Kommunications*

Island Press


Little PR Shop Around the Corner*

Longmeadow Press


St. Martin's Press*

Scholastic Books*

Susan Magrino Agency*

Meryl Moss Media Relations*

National Book Network

W.W. Norton & Co*.

Oxford University Press*

Paxson Communications (PAX-TV)*

Picador Press*


Planned Television Arts*

Prestel Publishing*


Princeton University Press*

Public Affairs/Perseus Books*

Rizzoli International

Rodale Press*

Cathy Saypol Public Relations

Soho Press


TAB Books

Talk/Miramax Books*


Thunder's Mouth Press

Time Warner-Little Brown/Warnerbooks*

University of Chicago Press

John Wiley & Sons*

Workman Publishing

Yale University Press (US & UK)*


Publicity Assistant 2000 is the
Publishing Industry Standard for Publicity.  

Read what our clients are saying...

"I have used Publicity Assistant since 1991 and seen its transformation from a dos based system into the versitle, effcient and easy to use windows based program it is today.  Publicity Assistant 2000 is an indispensible too in managing all the many and varied tasks of a publicist.  Publicity Assistant 2000 has become such an integral part of the way I work; I would not work anywhere without it.  I highly recommend it."
--Katie Long, Director of Publicity, Disney Publishing

"Publicity Assistant 2000 is an outstanding database system, not only for maintainging media records, but especially for orgainizing tours and creating itineraries that are efficient and easy to use.  Without this program, I would be doing twice the work in twice the amount of time it now takes me to manage a media campaign.  It is the best publicity assistant you'll ever have."
--Jonathan Hahn, Publicist, Warner Books

"I've been using Publicity Assistant for nearly 15 years and find it to be an invaluable tool in preparing my campaigns.  The latest updates have made my life much easier.  I'm just awaiting the new version that makes everyone answer their own phone and say "yes."
--Scott Manning, Scott Manning & Associates

"I would have tohire an additional staff member to do the work of Publicity Assistant 2000."
--Kim Shapiro, ESPN Magazine