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Public Relations Version

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Data Retrieval

Even if you have 10,000 contacts in your database, finding the exact contact or group of contacts takes seconds with the two powerful search engines provided in Publicity Assistant 2000.  

Quick Search

The Quick Search feature allows you to scroll through the Main Media Data by typing, depending on how the Main Media is sorted, either a last name, publication name, show name or market name in the Quick Search box.

Quick Search can also be a convenient way to skip to an area of the Main Media Data for browsing. For example, to search for all New York Times contacts, click once in the Callsign/Publication column header to sort by publication. Next, type in New York Times in the Quick Search box. Publicity Assistant will bring you to the first New York Times entry in your database.

Search Engine

Because of the coding system unique to PA2000, you will never again have to slog through 1000's of contacts to find the few you actually need. 

The search engine allows you to choose the specific contacts you need for your projects by using the four sets of codes--type, market, category and circulation-- by themselves or in combination.

The Power of the Search Engine

Here are just two examples of the power of the PA2000 search engine:

Suppose you are searching for all the black alternative newspapers in Philadelphia. With the PA2000 search engine you only have to check off your criteria within the search box, select the search button and PA2000 finds those specific contacts.

Suppose you are looking for all the business radio shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City that are also national shows.  Again with the PA2000 search engine these specific contacts are only a few clicks away.


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For more information see: Review Lists and Promotional Tours


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