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Publishing Version

Public Relations Version


  Three types of LABELS can be printed from Publicity Assistant 2000.  LABELS can incorporate graphics including company logos. Labels can be printed with or without P.O. Boxes.  They can be sorted by zip code and be printed one at a time or divided into multiple mailings.


  MAILMERGE letters can be saved as MS word documents, e-mailed or printed.

  Publicity Assistant 2000 generates several types of reports including a MEDIA LIST that includes phone and fax numbers and a RESULTS TRACKING report that list the results of an individual campaign.

Special Features

  PA2000 has a Duplicate Checking system which allows you to easily check for duplicates before  printing labels.

  PA2000 has an automatic Updating from Main feature which updates the records in your project list according to the data in the Main Media Database.

  You can import media lists directly into a project from Bacon's or from an Excel spreadsheet.

  The cc: to Clip feature allows you to copy all the e-mails from your project list and paste them into your native e-mail.



Publicity Assistant 2000 allows you to create and store three different types of project lists: Media Lists, Promotional Tours and Event Projects. A media list is a place to store  media contacts you have targeted for a particular project. You can identify which of these contacts are to receive press releases or products. The Media List project allows you to print labels, send mail-merge letters, blast e-mails and faxes, track when materials or releases were sent and then log responses and examine any media contact's track record.

The figure below shows the front page of the Review List section of Publicity Assistant 2000.  On the left is a column of projects and on the right the corresponding information.

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Each Media List has a window, where all the targeted contacts are stored as well as information about the project. 

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The window consists of 5 tabs.

  • Notes: Contains  information about your campaign, as well as how many contacts are contained in the list.
  • Contacts: Contains all the media contacts you have selected to work with on this project.
  • Results tracking: Allows you to track the results of your campaign, such as the date of a placement or the quality of a review.
  • Materials: Contains a boilerplate feature.  Here you can write a blurb about your project that can be inserted into a mail merge letter.
  • Tools: A number of useful tools can be found under this tab including a duplicate checker and importing and exporting tools.

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