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Organizational Record

The organizational record is the area in Publicity Assistant 2000 that stores general information about media outlets.  In this field you can store main phone and fax numbers, the main website site address as well as other information.  This information can then be accessed by selecting the button to the left of the callsign/publication field in the contact record in the Main Media Data or within a project list. 

To add an organizational record, open a contact record (or add a new contact record to the Main Media Data).  Select the callsign/publciation button to the left of that field.  The following window will appear.

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Select "add callsign."  The organizational record window will appear.  Fill in the general information for this media outlet and close the box.  To access this information again, open the contact record and select the callsign/publication button and the organizational record for this media outlet will open.

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