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Editing your Itineraries

Publicity Assistant 2000 allows you to edit directly on the itinerary page. There are two ways to modify information on an itinerary. Notice that some information may be entered directly into the form, while other information is entered during the booking process. For example, the area below the call sign will display a studio address if you entered it during the booking process. The same is true for the Description field, which appears directly below the booking time. The information (i.e. the page header, the booking time and the media/contact address and phone numbers) entered during the booking process may be edited by right-clicking on the field you wish to edit. A window will appear prompting you to choose how you wish to edit this field.

To edit the page header:

  1. Right-click in the Page header box. (see figure 1 below)

  2. Choose edit header.

  3. Now you may type directly into this box. (To change information back to match the notes page of your Promotional Tour List, choose reset header).

                                           Figure 1.


To edit the contact information:

1. Right click in the contact information field. (See figure 2 below) You may edit the contact information, edit the studio address, select additional phone numbers, edit the booking, or reset the data.

                                             Figure 2.


2.  Choose "Edit contact address" the following window will appear. Make your changes and close the box. Your edits will appear on your itinerary as well as in the contact record within your list.


3.  Choose "edit studio address" and the studio address window will appear. Make your changes and they will appear in your itinerary.

4.  Choose "select additional phones" and the following window will appear. Make your choices and close the window and the additional phone numbers will appear in the contact information box.

5.  Choose "edit booking" and you make your changes directly into the contact information field.

6.  Choose "reset data" and the information will be reset matching the information in the contact record.

To edit the booking time:

  1. Right click in the bookings time field. You will be prompted to "reschedule booking" or "cancel booking".

  2. If you choose "cancel booking", the booking will be automatically removed from the itinerary page. If you choose "reschedule booking" the following window will appear:

3. Make your changes and close the box. Publicity Assistant 2000 will automatically move the booking for you and place it in the itinerary in the proper place according to the new time. It will also move the booking to a new day, if you change the date.

For more information, see: Timed Notes

For more information on how you can have this or any new feature as part of your Publicity Assistant 2000 system, contact us.