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Advancements in e-mail

Four new features have been added to Publicity Assistant 2000 to enhance e-mail: formatted MS-Outlook emailmerge, native e-mail, the ability to e-mail mail merge letters, and the ability to copy and paste a group of e-mails from Publicity Assistant to you native e-mail.

cc to Clip: This feature allows you to copy all the e-mails with in a project list and paste them into your native e-mail.  To do this, open a project list and select the tools tab.  You will notice that the cc to clip button has been added to this field.   To copy all the e-mails that are contained in this project select the cc to clip button.  The following window will appear with all the e-mails that are in your project list placed on the clipboard.  Simply close the box and you will be able to paste the e-mails in other applications including pasting them directly into the "to" field of your native e-mail.

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E-mailing Mail Merge Letters: Functionality has been added to the Publicity Assistant Mail Merge window. You may now e-mail and blast e-mail mail merge letters directly from the mail merge window.  When your letters are complete, simple press the e-mail button and Publicity Assistant will e-mail everyone in your list with an e-mail address. 

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Formatted MS-Outlook emailmerge: If your native e-mail is MS-Outlook, you may use that format when sending e-mails through the Publicity Assistant mail merge feature.  To use this feature go to the tools page of Publicity Assistant 2000 and select "formatted MS-Outlook emailmerge" under user settings.

Native e-mail: Publicity Assistant will automatically link to your native e-mail system when sending individual e-mails from a contact record in the Main Media Data or within a project list. You may use native e-mail selectively by choosing native e-mail using the option pulldown or you may set native e-mail as a default setting by checking off native e-mail in the user settings located on the tools page of your Publicity Assistant 2000 system.


For more information on how you can have this or any new feature as part of your Publicity Assistant 2000 system, contact us.